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The ocean is a song made in three languages, English, French, Portuguese by the hip-hop group ''Pachamama Family''. This song was created to highlight and manifest the pollution problem in our oceans. I found an opportunity in this project to express my feelings about the issue. As an artist, I think this was my duty to help with the visual side of this message. 

Art Direction and vusial Expressionism 

I listen to the material very carefully for hungred of times. I was analising the context, meaning and expression within the song and its lyrics. Then I realised that I need to come up with strong and meaningful visuals to be able to convey most important elements of the song. I spent lots of time thinking and planning. 

Video is driven by few essential elements which meat to relate to lyrics. 

Skullhead represents death which is inevetibly

coming if we don't take responsibility for our actions. 

Colour blue represents ocean but orange represents 

empty desert which will appear after oceans dryout, 


Sandtimer represents count down towards the end 

and death of our oceans. It also meant to convey 

the message that the's still a time to react and change 

our behavior towards nature. 

Eye fulfilled with pollution represents ocean

watching itself slowly dying. Despite observance,

the ocean is unable to take action against our 

behaviour, so it terrifies viewer by displaying 

pollution and watching like an innocent child. 

Polluted sand beaches are the common problem 

everywhere. Those images are there to bring 

awareness in most terrifying way.

Strong contrast, dark shadows, and contemplation between blue which represents ocean and orange which represents death. The scene was designed to look like interrogation where artists examine documents that relates to ocean pollution. They are all have been directed to sing aggressively beetween each other in order to make the scene look like manifestation 

of human beings and thier behaviour. 

The eye was shot by Sony AS7II in 4k using microlens for maximum detail quality. In post production the skin was disaturated and the eyelid was coloured by vivid blue colour to make it pop out. Blue colour also represents blue ocean. This frame shows contras beetwen grey colour (death) and blue colour (Ocean). On top of that throughout the sequence, addicional footage of polluted 

ocean was added. 

In this scene special particles where added on the top of the image in order to enchance its visual context. Orange rain represents death slowly coming from the air, and also contemplates 

with bule which represents ocean.

This music video was shot by Canon c100mkII

along with a 24.105mm canon f4 lens. I also shot 

cine Clog using Atmos external monitor to supervise 

quality of exposure. 

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