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Proect initiated and produced Judy Harington and was Directed by Tom Cass. I got a brilliant opportunity to participate in this great project and take care of images as a cinematographer. Jake Mowat is responisble for underwater shots and Marek Kawula for camera assistance and behind scenes video.  


I had a great opportunity to work with my friend Tom and others on this project and deliver good quality footage for this art film. For this project I chose Canon C100mkII with build-in ND filters which helped us expose images correctly during a bright day covered by milky sky. I picked a 24-105mm lens to be able to shoot quickly and dynamically without wasting any minute as the schedule was tight. I am satisfied with my work and the final edit came out really well. This project was important to me because it manifests plastic pollution in our oceans. Jake Mowat used 600d with water houseing for underwater shots, Tom Cass delivered additional Gopro footage using waterproof case. 

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