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This was my second-year project for the assignment called ''Kids TV''. My task was to create a short film of up to ten minutes intended for a younger audience. 


On the second year, I was assigned to the task of creating a short form film dedicated to the young audience between five and ten years old. I remember our lecture Andy telling us extensively about importance of the message which our proect meant to convey. I remember that I really sturggeled with this challagne. My lecture said to us ''what would you tell your youngerself'' 

I tired for more than a month to come up with some decent idea. 

I was thinking about stroy of dislexic kid who stuggless bu won't give up. Matt Atknoson drafted some script about dislexic kid trying to overcome his weaknesses by compleating some difficult tasks. However, the story didn't hold and I had constant doubts about it. As I run out of time, I decided ust to make a story which may resonate with young audience. Matt wrote the scrips about the kid who is on the journey to fullfill his grand father legacy, he needs to find a magic pen and take care of it, but he face difficulities on his way. Despite my faliure with the ideas for the story, when I graduated I was reflecting back in my mind about what would I do now?

now I would make a story about the young man who was told by his mother not to trust anybody and under influence of candy story and its owner he enters the store ust to never come out and face consequences of not listening to his mother.


It was my first time directing a kid. I remember that I was stressed outt before the filming day. The young man turned out to be very comfortable with the camera and the whole crew. He was energetic and fulfilled with excitement. Directing him wasn't an easy task to do but his energy and enthusiasm compensated the hard work. Working with a kid was to me like playing a game with younger brother. I constantly tried to inspire his imagination so he could perform towards things which where added in post-production like a evil monster whihc appears at the end of the film. My most important outcome of this project in terms of directing was directing on the spot, it was like live action. There was few scenes where a young man needed to be directed on the spot as he was acting. It went really well and I really appriciated the new expierence I've gathered. 

Analog_Camera_08-05-2019_034 (Large).png


My friend Paul Mayer took care of an small task of VFX needed for this project. He made a first little wooden box magically come out of the ground. The process included shooting the magic stones on its own. Also, we filmed one shot of the ground at a local park as a plate. The main shot when Charlie is looking with excitement is a plate as well. Paul animated and composed everything in post-production process so the pebbles look like they are coming from the ground. 


Colour grading 

The opening has been coloured to imitate the Autumn which made the film look more dramatic.

The forest was colored similarly to the opening scene. However, the overall tone is slightly darker in order to support the story and the journey where Charlie is constantly surrounded by the mysterious monster voice. 

This film was a collaborative process. Shot by 

Cinematographer Marek Kawula using 

Canon C100mkII in 1080p along

with 24-105mm lens.

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