I am an Artist 

My name is Patryk Swiatczak and I am an artist actively practising filmmaking and photography craft. I have graduated from Plymouth college of art with BA (hons) Digital media production degree. I have a variety of different skills such as Creative writing, Directing, Performing, editing. I love drama like ''8mile'' and crime psychological stories like ''Taxi driver'' 
I am a storyteller, I like to express my ideas and convey their context through aesthetically pleasing, meaningful images. My creative process always allows me to challenge myself on each project because I am never afraid of failure and I love to learn new things. I desire to tell stories which inspire everyone equally, anywhere in the world. Like every artist, I have my own, unique vision. The desire for high quality and meaningful work always drives me to a bigger picture. Hard work and dedication define me as a professional. 

   S H O W R E E L

My films



#Autismic - Charity Teaser 

#YMCA Discovery College 

#F29 - Kickstarter Video 

#Host - Student Accommodation 

#TPA - Procurement Academy 

#FCS - Social Media Video

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Independent filmmaking is a tough profession. 
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